Look Out Holland, THE WINDMILL MASSACRE Is Coming!

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Look Out Holland, THE WINDMILL MASSACRE Is Coming!
Ah, Holland, the land that has long embraced green energy and wind power to do everything from pumping their water to grinding their flower. But now? Now all that scenic efficiency will be drenched blood red ...

The Windmill Massacre is an English-spoken modern day slasher situated in the Netherlands, a horror film similar to films such as: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hatchet and Halloween. The Windmill Massacre will combine all the richness and traditions that the Netherlands has to offer, but then drenches them in blood. The film will reveal a new face of terror, a new addition to the slasher genre in the likes of Jason, Michael and Freddy. He is called: the Miller. The perception of the Netherlands as a country of green fields of grass, grazing black & white cows, tulip fields, wide open skies and off course Windmills will never be the same again after seeing The Windmill Massacre...
The directorial debut of Frankenstein's Army producer Nick Jongerius, The Windmill Massacre is gearing up now for a planned shoot in late 2013. Click the image in the gallery below for a larger version of the fantastic artwork.

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