Ewan McGregor Jumps From SON OF A GUN to JANE GOT A GUN

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Ewan McGregor Jumps From SON OF A GUN to JANE GOT A GUN
Ewan McGregor has just wrapped filming on Australian crime action-thriller Son of a Gun, and rather than get back home and chill out, he's opted to jump straight onto another project already in production. And it's not just any production but troubled western Jane Got a Gun, with McGregor taking over the villain role. Bradley Cooper and - before him - Jude Law had previously been cast to play the bad guy, so it seems the main idea behind casting this role was to cast against type. The film also stars Natalie Portman and Joel Edgerton and is being directed by Gavin O'Connor, who directed Edgerton in Warrior.

If you've missed the saga surrounding this film, see the links below for comprehensive round-up of what's been going on. Plus I couldn't resist including this NSFW clip from Peep Show. I imagine each of the previous Jane Got a Gun actors left as they didn't get enough time with "gunny".
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