Korean Box Office: IRON MAN 3 Has Gargantuan Debut

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Korean Box Office: IRON MAN 3 Has Gargantuan Debut
There was only one game in town this weekend as the blockbuster Iron Man 3 almost set a new opening weekend record (currently held by Transformers 2). It was slim pickings for everything else. Total business powered to 2.63 million (up from 2.09 in 2012) and the local market was all but non-existent, failing to reach 10%, a lot lower than the 27% recorded last year when The Avengers opened.

Title Release Date Market Share Weekend Total Screens
1 Iron Man 3 (us) 13/04/25 83.80% 2,202,252 2,625,465 1380
2 Fists of Legend 13/04/10 5.00% 143,754 1,543,066 426
3 Oblivion 13/04/11 2.60% 143,619 1,416,408 327
4 Crayon Shin-Chan (jp) 13/04/25 2.20% 80,337 78,692 290
5 Running Man 13/04/04 1.20% 79,218 1,377,261 230
6 Pinocchio (it/mx/sp/lx/bl) 13/04/25 1.00% 47,169 37,117 283
7 Song for You (uk) 13/04/18 0.80% 47,057 169,074 187
8 Neon Genesis Evangelion: Q (jp) 13/04/25 0.80% 26,597 32,792 59
9 To Rome With Love (us/it/sp) 13/04/18 0.80% 23,675 111,979 107
10 Norigae 13/04/18 0.50% 18,887 158,018 175

2013 - Fists of Legend (Main Poster).jpg
The third Iron Man film took an astounding 2,202,252 admissions in its opening weekend, well above its predecessor's already impressive 1.36 million in 2011. The film will have no trouble crossing Iron Man 2's total (4.45 million) and could also improve on The Avengers' 7.07 million last year.

With Iron Man 3 taking 83.8% of the weekend's business, holdovers all took a dive. Briefly recapping how they fared: Fists of Legend held at number with 143,754 after a 58% fall; Oblivion was down 80% for 143,619; Japanese anime Crayon Shin-Chan opened to 80,337; and Running Man slowed 73% for 79,218.

Looking ahead to next week the only thing we're likely to see is a repeat at the top of the charts with the 3D re-release of Finding Nemo and local Kim In-gwon comedy National Singing Contest drumming up some soft business.
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bobApril 29, 2013 3:07 AM

iron man 1 was pretty good , iron man 2 was terrible and iron man 3 is a rubbish film. iron man 3 tries too hard to establish a plot, deviates from the original storyline, the mandarin is a joke troll character which really ruins the dark tone sinister impending doom boss character as presented and upon revealing he was a troll ruins the mood of the movie, and guy pearce's character had no character weak motivations, weak plots, inconsistent pacing of movie, takes too long to establish a plot and noticeably so much junk dialogue. btw there was no climax for the movie as well and never attempted to build up tension. also terrible president acting(hung up and really light hearted) and slaughter scene in plane served no purpose.

RawBeardApril 29, 2013 8:22 AM

Thats a shame you didn't enjoy the film for me Iron Man was really good. Iron Man 2 had a lot of potential but squandered the main villain on a plot more concerned with setting up the Avengers and in turn hurt the film...

Iron Man 3 however was AMAZING. I was never a fan of the Mandarin in the comics and quite liked the Terrorist angle they were advertising... and I loved the switcheroo, it took me by surprise and it suited the film. The rest of the film was awesome and full of character. My only gripes with the film is Rebecca Hall's character was pointless, and the Hulk sized Armour should had a more epic bit. I do agree Guy Pearce's motives were a bit weak but I loved the Extremis Soldiers.