The Writer And Director Of PONTYPOOL Reunite For CASHTOWN CORNERS And Things Are Gonna Get Bloody

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The Writer And Director Of PONTYPOOL Reunite For CASHTOWN CORNERS And Things Are Gonna Get Bloody
Back in 2008, acclaimed Canadian director Bruce McDonald - best known abroad for his gritty rock and roll road movies Hard Core Logo, Highway 61 and Roadkill - teamed up with novelist Tony Burgess and took a hard turn into genre territory with an adaptation of Burgess' unusual zombie novel Pontypool Changes Everything. The resulting film - titled simply Pontypool - became a critical hit around the world prompting McDonald - true to his wildly eclectic form - to do pretty much everything but another genre film since. He's done docs, concerts films, TV, and more since - the man likes to keep busy - but Pontypool fans have had to just sit and wait patiently, teased by the occasional rumblings of a Pontypool sequel. And while this isn't that, it's something to be every bit as excited about.

McDonald and Burgess are teaming once again to adapt another Burgess novel, this time the serial killer themed People Live Still In Cashtown Corners.

Bob Clark lives and works in Cashtown Corners. In fact, he's the only resident of the tiny rural town. Bob has never really felt like himself whenever other people are around, and feeling normal is all he wants in life. One day, Bob decides that the only way to truly be himself is to murder anyone who makes him feel abnormal; which is everyone. This psychological horror chronicles Bob's blood-filled journey through his new life, one that revolves around joyous, satisfying, and beautiful murder. Tragedy rips through everyone in this rural area; everyone except Bob Clark who's never felt more normal.
Though still in development the creative team have put together a concept trailer to present the project to the CineCoup program here in Canada and you can take a look at that below for a taste of what they're aiming for.
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