New Trailer For Zack Snyder's MAN OF STEEL

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New Trailer For Zack Snyder's MAN OF STEEL
Can Zack Snyder breathe new life into Superman? Warner Brothers is certainly hoping so as they need the blue-tighted one to soar if their planned Justice League superhero team up has any chance of standing up to the massive success of The Avengers. And they're taking a definite page out of producer Christopher Nolan's playbook to make that happen, giving the character some darker underpinnings and playing up the man in the suit rather than the action in the latest trailer.

Yes, you get some flying, some fire and a bit of action. You get Zod and Jor-El and the Kents on the farm. But mostly what you get is young Clark Kent trying to fit in. It's all a bit Smallville, really, albeit with better production values. Check out the trailer below.
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