Fantastic Fest: Javier Diment Drunkenly Reviews Javier Diment's LA MEMORIA DEL MUERTO

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Fantastic Fest: Javier Diment Drunkenly Reviews Javier Diment's LA MEMORIA DEL MUERTO
This is ua horror film of perono is a horror movie. It's something else. Is a series of family dramas, is also the will to find that the horror genre is just a way to talk of human pain. Really bored I think horror movies that only think of the pure effect of the blood running. I like to think back to the real and pure fun can also mention the more real human horror. Then there is, inevitably, that pollute the genre. You should go also to what the intent sneak genre, which is the body and the history of particular human animal. We are a inmiundo bug. It is incredible that there are murderers and innocent people. We are a horrible mixture of all that. We are an animal that always gets everything wrong. It's pretty incredible that there are people who do things right. There are people who happen to be menosr pain, is just one more ingredient. But the truth is that the people I care about is that for which the aberration was a common taxation and untimely. The problem is that I would like everyone who likes my movie, but I understand that a great part of this movie is that it is written by a sensitive spirit (screenwriter, martin blouson) and headed by a senior tormented, then there are people who like all he wants is a Russian Montania in slow motion, a Russian Montania camaraderie. And for me the Russian mntania more vertigo occurs is close your eyes and remember. Then, the wonder of my film is that while it is a silly movie, which has topics, but topics not literarles finally related to horror films, yet has dirt coming from the other side. So is a movie that can be enjoyed by viewers of the genre Net (not all, just for the intelligent, sensitive or real), for those who do not know what they want fall into a tie in the intensity stops be threat to be promising. Pore ​​so, for that, there is an issue essential care that are essential actions. The actors have an attitude of absolute entrtega a concentration work that tries to go beyond usual codes of representation models of the genre. Having said all this so far-fetched, of course. What is important is that this is a movie that can happen to a great success in the fantastic fest, yet more masks in festivals arthouse.

The only possible problem is that every so often some function appears in a narrow spirit who just want a horror movie, or just want to think about your pequenia vidita. But it is the everyday infimo. The wonderful thing is that, is just a tiny percentage. It's also a great movie because I say twich and Todd Brown, and because they invite a lot of festivals, and because we viuajando lot thanks to the movie if a movie gives much feliciodad the director, has to do very felicies viewers. So I would recommend: those who enjoyed it a lot, that look again, and alos few who had a great time, seeing that again, but this time with all your senses.

[Throughout Fantastic Fest ScreenAnarchy will be presenting a series of drunken reviews of films as penned by the film's own director. They are created under the following rules. The director will be poured five shots of alcohol, which they have fifteen minutes to drink. They then have half an hour to write, in their own language, why their movie is the greatest movie ever made. The answers will then be run through Google Translate and posted as is. Considerably more than five shots were consumed during the writing of this review.]
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