Taut Trailer For French Thriller THE CROSSING

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Taut Trailer For French Thriller THE CROSSING
It's every parent's worst nightmare, their child wandering off to play and never coming back. Nothing as definite as a death, no. Just simply disappearing. How does life continue after such an event? And then, how do you respond if your child returns years later, somehow changed?

Lola Arendt, 8, vanishes while on vacation on a wild Scottish island. Shattered by her disappearance, her parents, Sarah and Martin, separate. Two years later, Lola is found at the exact same spot. Martin returns to the island to bring her home. His delight at being reunited with Lola soon gives way to suspicion and fear. Why won't Lola talk? Who are these men watching them? What did Sarah know about Lola's disappearance? And who is beautiful and mysterious Norah Kross? When the weather conspires to stop them leaving, Martin and Lola embark on a journey across the island with Norah, headed for a tragic discovery...
Michaël Youn, Emilie Dequenne, Fanny Valette, Jules Werner, and Pauline Haugness star in Jerome Cornuau's The Crossing (La Traversee). The full trailer has arrived online and it's a polished, tension filled bit of work. Check it below.

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