BONDI HIPSTERS Take On The Olympics Opening Ceremony!

Contributing Writer; Melbourne, Australia
BONDI HIPSTERS Take On The Olympics Opening Ceremony!
We all know that cool guys don't look at explosions, but now we have video proof that hipsters don't look at fireworks, especially when they are once-in-a-lifetime epic Olympic Games opening ceremony fireworks. Far too mainstream, obviously. 

Sydney hipster ambassadors Dom Nader and Adrian Archer have travelled to London for the Olympics, and if this first video from their travels is any judge, they will be sampling the party scene much more than the sports. 

With Adrian off having a coffee enema detox after his massive coke bender on Friday, I spoke to Dom on the phonesy who explained why they didn't remember much of the ceremony. 

"We walked past Victoria Park and Haggerston Park, where 'the man' had some free Olympic screens set up, but they were totes packed with pasty punters, and it was all so commercial," he said, disinterested. 

"So we got smashed and ended up watching the Opening Ceremony through blurry eyes at this full underground rooftop house party in Shoreditch. I know that doesn't really make sense to call something rooftop and underground in the same sentence, but if you don't get that, then we're probably living on different plains of existence." 

Adrian was clearly on a different plain of existence on Friday night. I hope he recovers. Check out a video of their exploits below! 
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