BONDI HIPSTERS Create Totes Awks Sitch Brah

Contributing Writer; Melbourne, Australia
BONDI HIPSTERS Create Totes Awks Sitch Brah
After a whole week of managing to be in London during the 2012 Olympics without really mentioning the event, the Bondi Hipsters Dom and Adrian have dried out and bounced back to the reason for their trip over to England in the first place -- to inspire ideas for their sport-influenced fashion label, Athleticacaca. 

In this latest episode they have "arranged" a meeting with a public relations chick, ostensibly to discuss their ambitions (or lack thereof) to launch their fashion and music into the scene there, but it quickly devolves into Dom and Adrian plying their own genetic wares instead. 

Would you buy what they are selling? How about a bag of rack? 
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