Cue The Cavalcade Of Hate! AFTER EARTH Teaser Combines Will Smith, Jaden Smith, M. Night Shyamalan And Facebook.

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Cue The Cavalcade Of Hate! AFTER EARTH Teaser Combines Will Smith, Jaden Smith, M. Night Shyamalan And Facebook.
There are certain things in the world that people love to hate. And upcoming science fiction film After Earth combines an awful lot of them.

There's director M. Night Shyamalan, for one, and while I actually quite like his output up to and including Signs and never personally thought The Village deserved the critical pounding it received he's been widely reviled since that time while providing even his staunchest supporters with scant ammunition to defend him.

And then there's star Will Smith who, while talented, is ... well ... Will Smith. Which means he's never shaken the whole Fresh Prince thing and no matter how popular or critically successful he may be in any given project there are always plenty of people aching for the chance to loudly deride him for the simple fact that he is Will Smith.

And then there's the other star, Jaden Smith. Son of Will and largely mocked for that fact, despite the fact that The Karate Kid remake was actually quite good.

And then there's Facebook. Ah, Facebook. Used by almost everyone and yet constantly poked with sticks. And now weirdly prominent in the first viral video promoting this film.

In After Earth, one thousand years after cataclysmic events forced humanity's escape from Earth, Nova Prime has become mankind's new home. Legendary General Cypher Raige (played by Will Smith) returns from an extended tour of duty to his estranged family, ready to be a father to his 13-year-old son, Kitai (played by Jaden Smith). When an asteroid storm damages Cypher and Kitai's craft, they crash-land on a now unfamiliar and dangerous Earth. As his father lies dying in the cockpit, Kitai must trek across the hostile terrain to recover their rescue beacon. His whole life, Kitai has wanted nothing more than to be a soldier like his father. Today, he gets his chance.
Will the movie turn out to be any good? Who knows. Shyamalan's recent output doesn't offer up a lot of reasons to believe it will be but chances are Smith will have more control than he does, anyway, and Smith actually has a reasonably good batting average. But, man ... the PR folk aren't giving a lot of reasons for hope, are they? Check the promo below.

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