THE TUNNEL Train Keeps on Chooglin'

Contributing Writer; Melbourne, Australia
THE TUNNEL Train Keeps on Chooglin'
The Tunnel, the Aussie horror film that pushed all the boundaries of distribution and nailed a new set of how-to precepts to the wall has been clocking up crazy numbers since being released purposely onto torrent sites a year ago. 

To highlight some of these numbers the filmmakers behind the project (who have not been idle -- recently making the stellar web-series Event Zero for pocket change) have put together this awesome infographic. 

Despite over 5.1 million downloads eating into the potential box office, The Tunnel has still sold 25,000 DVDs and scored several other lucrative streaming and TV deals. For a film of this size, some of those numbers are staggering. And now the film has its own Limited Edition Blu-ray! 

Yes, the marketing juggernaut behind the film didn't stop when the film was released, and the filmmakers have used the one-year anniversary of the release to launch a pretty cool Blu-ray with John Hancocks and everything. Check that out here.

The good news for those wanting more from these guys is that they are developing a sequel, The Tunnel: Dead End, putting an end to the rumours the crew would head to the UK and make a Chunnel monster movie. I also hear they have several other features in development, and these can't come soon enough.
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