Toxic Disaster Strikes Sydney in EVENT ZERO!

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Toxic Disaster Strikes Sydney in EVENT ZERO!
Boy, The Tunnel really opened doors for some filmmakers. Last week we had news the executive producers were launching an online portal to distribute indie films. 

Now this week we hear that producer extraordinaire Enzo Tedeschi has made the final round of a competition to win $100,000 to make a seven-part webseries -- another mystery set in the heart of Sydney.

His pitch, for a high-concept thriller called Event Zero, takes place in the bustling transport hub of Circular Quay in Sydney, where trains, ferries, buses and cars intersect and a major disaster takes place. I love how these guys are redefining Sydney on screen.

A report comes in of a train derailment near Circular Quay. Smoke billows from the wreckage and victims pour onto the streets. As the emergency workers arrive at the chaotic scene, they realise the biggest threat is only just emerging. People without a scratch are collapsing on the ground and dying - and it is spreading. Unless someone can work out what is going on the death toll will continue to rise. This moment is 'Event Zero.' 

Event Zero is a web series from the team that brought you the award-winning hit internet movie 'The Tunnel', seen by over 3 million people worldwide. Event Zero tells seven interconnected stories of people caught up in an event much bigger than they are, as they struggle to piece together why people are dying, and what has happened from the moment of derailment. Each episode will re-tell the incident from a new character's perspective until finally in episode 7, the sinister secret behind 'Event Zero' is revealed.

The trailer gives a better sense of the tension they're channeling, and that can be seen here, and to vote you can leave your mark on the same page. You had better be quick, final votes close in a couple days.
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