Hammer Restorations continue with Double Play discs of THE PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES and THE REPTILE

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Hammer Restorations continue with Double Play discs of THE PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES and THE REPTILE
Hammer's exciting catalogue restoration continues with a duo of swanky new home entertainment releases - The Plague of the Zombies and The Reptile, shot back to back by John Gilling in 1966. 

Both due for release as double play Blu-ray/ DVD combo sets through Studio Canal on 18th June, they feature new extras created under the guidance of Hammer expert Marcus Hearn. What's not to love?

 Full details below: 


 Within a remote eighteenth century Cornish village, an evil presence lurks within the darkness of the witching hour, a mysterious plague relentlessly taking lives at an unstoppable rate. Unable to find the cause, Dr Peter Thompson enlists the help of Professor James Forbes. Desperate to find an antidote what they find instead are empty coffins with the diseased corpses missing.. Following a series of strange and frightening clues, Thompson and Forbes are lead to a deserted mine where they discover a world of black magic and a doomed legion of flesh eating slaves, the walking dead. 

 Extras: World of Hammer episode "Mummies, Werewolves And The Living Dead" / Brand new featurette: 'Raising The Dead' / Restoration comparison / Restored trailer

 8 JUNE : THE REPTILE ** Digitally restored DOUBLE PLAY

A deadly epidemic is spreading through the remote Cornish village of GlagmoorHeath. As darkness falls its victims are found foaming at the mouth with savage wounds upon their necks. After his brother becomes another fatality, Harry Spalding travels to Clagmoor to investigate his sibling's mysterious death. With little help from the superstitious locals, Harry follows a trail of macabre intrigue that leads him to the sinister Dr Franklyn, his strange but beautiful daughter and a truly horrific family secret. Released in 1966, The Reptile is Hammer Horror at its most nightmarish and bizarre. 

 Extras: World of Hammer episode "Wicked Women" / Brand new featurette "The Serpents Tale" / Restoration comparison / Restored trailer 1

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