Lionsgate UK Cuts THE HUNGER GAMES For Lower Rating

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Lionsgate UK Cuts THE HUNGER GAMES For Lower Rating
UK audiences will be getting a slightly abbreviated version of Gary Ross' The Hunger Games when it arrives on local screens.

Rated PG-13 in the USA the original cut was given a 15 rating by the BBFC, a rating that has now been dropped to 12A following the removal of seven seconds of footage "to reduce an emphasis on blood and injury."

Well, yes, we obviously wouldn't want blood and injury in a movie about teenagers locked in an arena and forced to kill one another for the entertainment of the wealthy elite.
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Ard VijnMarch 13, 2012 2:06 PM

I'd wonder though: is THE HUNGER GAMES a film for twelve-year olds or fifteen-year olds? Lord knows I am not be biggest fan of the BBFC but it is the distributor doing the cutting here, not the BBFC. We always chide the US rating system for being overly critical of sex and swearing while allowing all sorts of extreme torture and bloodletting. In this regard I'm not automatically opposed to what the BBFC judged here. I'd first want to see those seven seconds.

I have far more problems with the BBFC's outright banning of titles if there still are certain scenes in them, especially when there is no blood or injury in those scenes. Or sex. Or nudity. Or racism. Or even swearing...
*cough PARANOIA AGENT cough*

PhilMarch 13, 2012 2:41 PM

I suspect the distributor is being greedy - the lower the rating, the bigger the audience. The12A rating is only for parental guidance, kids of any age can get in which is why the BBFC probably offered a 15 uncut or a toned-down version for the toddlers. It's better than the American R, where parents can take infants to see Saw 3D.

I agree that censoring or banning an 18-rated cinema release is silly, but the BBFC have improved no end in the last 10-20 years - remember all the arbitrary cuts to the likes of Cliffhanger and True Lies? In fact nowadays I think they'll let most anything through if it's not rape-y or if the film company don't insist on a lower rating.

zinjoMarch 13, 2012 3:33 PM

The irony of this is not lost on me.

The UK was the first Western market to bring the original Battle Royale to home video. Yet find themselves squeemish over Hunger Games?