Exclusive Clip From LET THE BULLETS FLY: An Ambush and ... Bird Calls?

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Exclusive Clip From LET THE BULLETS FLY: An Ambush and ... Bird Calls?

Rambunctious and epic-sized, Let the Bullets Fly features the return of Chow Yun-Fat in an action picture, but the real star is director Jiang Wen. He plays "Pocky" Zhang, a legendary bandit in 1920's China who pretends to be the new governor of Goose Town. Instead of the quick and easy profits from fleecing the populace that he'd imagined, he finds himself facing off against a powerful crime lord (Chow).

The comedy is broad and keeps things loose throughout the extended running time, with plenty of firepower expended in action sequences that are conceived and choreographed with a good deal of panache. It's a pleasure to see Chow Yun Fat stretch his acting muscles a bit, and Jiang Wen proves to be a worthy adversary as the film's protagonist. Ge You and Carina Lau provide their own additional fireworks.

In this exclusive clip, "Pocky" Zhang and his gang are ambushed, and then make creative use of whistles / bird calls in order to communicate between gun shots. The scene gives a good idea of the film's brusque action style.

Let the Bullets Fly opens in limited release (and on VOD) in Toronto, New York, Honolulu, and Los Angeles on March 2 before rolling out to other cities in the coming weeks. Check the official site for more information.

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