WE ARE WHAT WE ARE Star Francisco Barreiro Leads Bogliano's HERE COMES THE DEVIL

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WE ARE WHAT WE ARE Star Francisco Barreiro Leads Bogliano's HERE COMES THE DEVIL
Just yesterday ScreenAnarchy ran an interview with Cold Sweat and Penumbra director Adrian Garcia Bogliano in which the Argentinian director revealed that his next picture would be a Spanish language horror picture backed by American outfit MPI / Dark Sky Pictures titled Here Comes The Devil. And today Fangoria brings further word on the project, due to shoot around Tijuana in the coming months.

The biggest news comes on the casting front with word that Mexican star Francisco Barreiro will be in the lead. Barreiro delivered a standout performance in Jorge Michel Grau's We Are What We Are (Somos Lo Que Hay) and is widely regarded as one of the brightest young up and comers in Mexican cinema. His presence here is a very good sign. Also a good sign? A very simple yet compelling story line. Bogliano describes the film this way:

HERE COMES THE DEVIL is about a family who travel to the outskirts of Tijuana, and the two sons, who are about 12 years old, go to a hill by themselves, and disappear. When their parents find them the day after, the children are acting strange, and the parents try to figure out what happened to them while they were missing.
He confirms in the article that it is a supernaturally tinged picture and with a title like that ... well, you can imagine where this is going.

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