Gotye Enlists Aussie Animators For AKIRA Styled Video!!

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Gotye Enlists Aussie Animators For AKIRA Styled Video!!
While the controversial, unnecessary Hollywood remake of Akira is making headlines with more terrible casting rumours, today we have a video that shows there are still artists and filmmakers out there that know how to pay respect to Akira while creating something new and interesting. 

A couple months ago we posted a music video created by one half of the directing team behind Oscar shortlisted animation The Cat Piano, and today we have another music video from the other half. 

The musician in question is the same one, Gotye, who is arguably keeping the indie animation industry in Australia alive by employing animators to not only make most of his official music videos, but to produce video clips for his live shows. 

Co-directed by Eddie White and Benjamin Drake -- who also drew this awesome George Takei as Kaneda (yes, you read that right) geek out pic earlier this year -- this music video was created for Gotye's live shows, but has now been unleashed onto the interwebs for our enjoyment... 

Hopefully all this talent will culminate in an awesome Aussie animated feature sometime soon. 
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