First Trailer For Taiwanese Police Actioner BLACK & WHITE EPISODE I: THE DAWN OF ASSAULT

First Trailer For Taiwanese Police Actioner BLACK & WHITE EPISODE I: THE DAWN OF ASSAULT
The acclaimed Taiwanese Police Drama TV series, Black & White is making the jump from the small to the big screen in Black & White Episode 1: The Dawn of Assault (痞子英雄首部曲:全面開戰) which promise to have more bang for your buck on the production scale. The $12 million budgeted film is helmed by writer/director Yueh-Hsun Tsai with the stunt team from Luc Besson's Taken and the special effects supervisor from Kill Bill onboard. Returning lead roles from the original include Mark Chao (Monga), Janine Chang and Ivy Chen while the supporting cast include Terri Kwan, Huang Bo, Angela Baby, Simon Yam, Hsiu Chieh-Kai, Alex To, Ken Lin and Na Dou. It supposedly tie-in to the TV series as a prequel with a film sequel of this potential franchise is expected to follow at some point. Here's a loose Chinese-to-English google translation of the official synopsis:



Wu Yingxiong, just too far, the Southern Branch serious cases special unit, one handling the case then destroyed the city, was head of the ordered field, but stubborn pursuit of a bizarre case. The other side of the city, the largest church in the West Bank will triple gang mouth, the oldest of the three cadres --- Xu Dafu, is 100 million in cash will be recruited to do it secretly to take the diamond trade. Dark container storage area, the transaction Duff hand, suddenly suffered a reloading team Luanqiang fire attacks, confusion, follow the clues to the scene of the hero on this hit Xu Dafu.

From this moment on the disaster began.

Kill wave after wave of oncoming, the two most people should not be together, Wu Yingxiong for handling drag Xu Dafu, Xu Dafu to survive along with Wu Yingxiong, when all of the shooter sweep, they found that no matter more hate each other, they had to be together, because that mouth filled with boxes of diamonds is not so simple, 36 hours later, Harbour City will face the destruction of the crisis, while the real enemies faster than they ever step ....
It hits theaters on Chinese New Year 2012. You'll find the trailer embedded below.
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