Another Reminder: JACKIE BROWN on BluRay

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Another Reminder: JACKIE BROWN on BluRay

You get virtually everything that was on the already excellent DVD release plus a new feature involving a critics round table. You also get outstanding audio and video upgrade and the chance to re-appreciate one of Tarantino's most underrated works. This doesn't contain a commentary, which of course at this point would be the holy grail of special features. But Jackie Brown tells an uncommonly compelling, complex story and features impressive performances from a cast that includes Deniro, and Samuel L Jackson at a point in their careers when they were not yet constantly hired merely to play Deniro and Samuel L Jackson. Add in Bridget Fonda at the top of her game and another chance to see Pam Grier and you have a film that deserves the best Blu can offer. This release comes very, very close to that. 

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