Which EXPENDABLE Should Scott Adkins Punch In The Face First?

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Which EXPENDABLE Should Scott Adkins Punch In The Face First?
There has been a long running campaign within the Scott Adkins fan community to have the star of Undisputed 2 & 3 and Ninja join the cast of Sylvester Stallone's upcoming Expendables 2. And it would appear they're getting their wish granted, with word now out that Adkins will be appearing in the film as one of Jean Claude Van Damme's henchmen.

Yes, Adkins will hench, which means he's on the villain side of the equation, which means that one of the brightest martial arts screen fighting talents in the world is going to get to punch some much higher priced talent in the face. Maybe several of them. So which of the big guys should he get to punch first?

I'm sure this thing is going to end up with a Stallone / JCVD brawl at some point, so expect Adkins to factor in there somewhere. But will he get a crack at Arnold as well? Dolph? This could be kind of fun ...
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