TIME TO CRAM! Community The Complete Second Season

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TIME TO CRAM! Community The Complete Second Season

Community is no The Office or 30 Rock, but it is a far better than average broadcast sitcom. Whereas the aforementioned comedies combine strong characters with devastatingly spot on satire of business and broadcast, Community skates by mostly on a thin premise and some great characters. When you have a cast that includes Joel McHale, Ken Jeong and Chevy Chase you can do that. Yes the paintball season finale is worth the price of the set alone but the truth is the set is dynamite. This thing is so packed with outtakes, featurettes, interviews  and commentaries that any fan should be over the moon. Why no Bluray? Don't know. But I do know that DVDs are cheap. Get both season one and season two if you've been waiting for the show to develop into a must see.  

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