TUCKER AND DALE VS. EVIL Canadian Poster. Eh?

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TUCKER AND DALE VS. EVIL Canadian Poster. Eh?
Maple Pictures, the Canadian distro unit handling the release of horror comedy Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil north of the 49th, released their poster today, an ode to grade school photoshop lessons. 

Seriously, we love this film but this poster is pandering with a CAPITAL P. Taking an ill conceived stab at the tired grindhouse motif without a second thought to making any of the images blend together. Kudos for Katrina Bowden in lacy underthings. But what the hell is with Jesse Moss breaking out of the cabin like the 50 foot woman? Pointing the axe - at himself!!!

The film deserves a better poster than this. Much better. Yay for a release. Boo-urns for a crap poster. 
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