Mandate Wants Josh Brolin For Spike Lee's OLDBOY. Can He Fill Choi Min-Sik's Shoes?

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Mandate Wants Josh Brolin For Spike Lee's OLDBOY. Can He Fill Choi Min-Sik's Shoes?
Though it's speculative at this point in that no formal offer has yet been made, ScreenAnarchy has learned that Josh Brolin tops Mandate's casting wishlist for the Spike Lee directed Oldboy remake. Whoever takes the part has got enormous shoes to fill as Choi Min-Sik was absolutely iconic in the Korean version of the film but Brolin seems like a very solid choice. He's one hell of an actor, for one thing, with a very strong physical presence, both of which will be absolutely essential for whoever eventually takes the part.

But since the offer's not out yet and nobody has signed, now is the time to wonder out loud a bit. Who else could fill the role and fill it well? The anti-remake folk will, no doubt, take this as their cue to shout "Nobody!" as loud as they can but here in the real world where somebody is going to take the part no matter what they think I'd rather they choose someone who suits it as well as possible.

Brolin, I think may top my personal list as well, with Idris Elba running pretty much neck and neck. Thomas Jane could do it, but I doubt he has the marketability that the studios will want. Aaron Eckhart I think would also be a strong choice. But beyond that it gets difficult. So what do you think? Do you agree with Mandate that Brolin is a good choice? Or is there someone else out there who could fill Choi Min-Sik's shoes a little better?
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