Fantasia 2011: MONSTER BRAWL Microreview

Fantasia 2011:  MONSTER BRAWL Microreview
Unlike my ScreenAnarchy cohorts Todd Brown and Kurt Halfyard, I am not as skilled in writing quick reviews of festival fare.  My gig is more to secure interviews, which by their very format afford me the time to secure, research, conduct and transcribe my work within a prolonged period of time.  I break from my usual routine, however, to state that Jesse T. Cook's Monster Brawl, which has just seen its world premiere at Fantasia, is--in my opinion--the undisputed smackdown hit of the festival, if not--indeed--this year's bumper crop of comedy horror.
Its simple premise of melding iconic horror with Wrestlemania broadcasting is achieved through an abiding respect and love for both genres, and with a consummate ensemble of actors--including narration by Lance Henriksen, and hilarious turns by Dave Foley and Art Hindle as sportscasters--coupled with remarkable make-up effects by the Gore Brothers, Monster Brawl will appeal to audiences of all ages and is a shining testament that we love our monsters, yes we do, especially when they take each other on.  This is a ringside ticket you will not want to miss!

- Michael Guillén

Monster Brawl

  • Jesse Thomas Cook
  • Jason David Brown (story)
  • Jesse Thomas Cook (story)
  • Jesse Thomas Cook
  • Dave Foley
  • Art Hindle
  • Robert Maillet
  • Jimmy Hart
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