These People Won A Copy Of Quentin Dupieux's RUBBER On DVD!

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These People Won A Copy Of Quentin Dupieux's RUBBER On DVD!
[This contest has now closed and our congratulations go out to the following five winners: Justin James, Pamela Fiorelli, Renaud Plante, Andrew Chiu and Michael Manchester. The rest of you will just have to buy a copy.]

Hey Canada! Mongrel Media released Quentin Dupieux's killer tire movie on DVD today via their genre imprint MO and we've got five free copies to give away!

Robert, an abandoned tire, suddenly and inexplicably comes to life. As he rolls around the bleak desert landscape, he discovers his own terrifying telekinetic powers that give him the ability to blow up anything he wants - beer bottles, small animals - just by concentrating. But his attention soon turns to humans when a beautiful and mysterious woman crosses his path.

You want a copy? Simple. Just email me here - including your mailing address - and tell me the name of the new film that Dupieux has just finished shooting. Winners will be drawn Friday.
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