Michael Shannon Is General Zod

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Michael Shannon Is General Zod
Zack Snyder has just put his first big mark on the Superman canon. The casting of Henry Cavill as Snyder's Superman was certainly big news but given that Cavill very nearly landed the role for Bryan Singer's Superman Returns as well that particular bit of casting felt a bit like yesterday's news.

But every good hero needs a good villain and in the Superman mythology there is no villain more iconic - sorry, Lex - than General Zod. And while we've known that Zod would be the villain of Snyder's Superman: Man of Steel for a while now, now we also know who's playing him.

Come on down, Michael Shannon.

This, I think, is a pretty spectacular piece of casting. Shannon has charisma to burn and should positively tear up the screen with a character like Zod. With any luck he'll tear Cavill up a bit, too.
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