Pierre Laffargue's BLACK on BLU (in the UK)

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Pierre Laffargue's BLACK on BLU (in the UK)
I cannot bring myself to post up the painfully generic Blu-Ray cover of Pierre Laffargue's wonderfully oddball neo-blaxploitation action-fantasy starring French rapper McJean Gab'1 as an on-the-lam Parisian bank robber down in Senegal for a diamond heist.  The best way to describe Black (in my mind) is as an Afro-funk 21st century Big Trouble in Little China.  But the trailer for the UK Blu-Ray coming out on Valentines Day (February 14th) will hopefully result in a lot of surprised customers who think they are getting the run-of-the-mill  prison break flick or something (judging from the "producers of A Prophet blurb") but are getting something so much more.

If you missed this gem on the festival circuit a couple years ago, or its ridiculously truncated French release, or you are not one of the cool cats living in Canada who have had access to the Evokative DVD (not Blu) for almost a year now, consider this your due notice.

"Black, a Senegalese bank-robber born and raised in France, is getting over a disastrous heist in which he lost nearly all of his men. He's seriously thinking of going straight when his cousin Lamine calls him from Dakar: a briefcase full of contraband diamonds has just been deposited in the bank where he works. Thinking this will be an unbelievably easy coup, Black assembles a new gang and quickly flies to Africa, where he's never set foot. What they haven't planned, however, is that they are far from being the only ones interested in that briefcase. The corrupt director of the bank, an arm dealer suffering from suppurating psoriasis, a gang of mercenaries from Chechnya and an Interpol agent are also set to get their hands on those diamonds. With a funky soundtrack, BLACK delivers a heist film filled with action and peppered with comedy and mysticism."
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