Tabloid Q&A with Joyce McKinney and Errol Morris

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Tabloid Q&A with Joyce McKinney and Errol Morris
Errol Morris' wonderfully quirky look at the nature of truth and sensationalism through the lens of the British Tabloids, and in particular the story of a former Beauty Queen's quest to get her lover from the clutches of the Church of the Latter Day Saints has been wowing audiences at a variety of festivals.  Here it played DOC NYC in New York a couple weeks ago with Joyce McKinney in person for the screening and it was followed by a Q&A with her and the filmmaker.  Well, it is more of an A&A, with Joyce Monologuing and Morris finally interjecting while a hapless moderator tries to keep the Q&A on time with exiting the house for the next screening.  This is a classic bit of post-screening interaction where the subject of the film gloriously hijacks the stage and tells how she thinks the film she is there with gets almost everything wrong ("There is a real story there that could have affected the lives of so many people, but it has not been told.")
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