Evidently Kurt's Review Of Errol Morris' TABLOID Makes Him A "Dishonest Jerk".

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Evidently Kurt's Review Of Errol Morris' TABLOID Makes Him A "Dishonest Jerk".
Email is fun. This came in mine today, from someone who never actually identified themselves, and while it was unfortunately cut off by the character limit on the contact email form, you'll get the point. I normally don't run stuff like this but given the content of the film that triggered it, it seems appropriate to do so. Plus it gives me a chance to call Kurt Halfyard a dishonest jerk.

Dear Sir:  You have slandered and libeled Joyce McKinney!  If your entire perverted article is not removed from this website within five (5) days it will be turned over to her libel attorneys and you will be sued for Slander and Deliberate Infliction of Emotional Distress.  First of all, you dishonest jerk,  Miss McKinney was never charged with Raping a man,  or kidnapping him, thus she was never convicted of it. By accusing her of a crime she never committed,  or and that she was never even charged with,  you have committed CRIMINAL LIBEL.  The kidnap rape yarn was concocted by Mormon PR men who were concerned about the Mormon Image and they spread this Press Hoax using their wire service contacts via newspapers which the cult owns.  Secondly,  as for the trashy ERROL MORRIS film \"TABLOID\"  (Ugh!)  a cunning schemer named MARK LKPSON burglarized Miss McKinney\'s luggage while Morris had her on camera.  His assistant AJAE CLEARWAY LIED and told her they were interviewing her for a TV series for Showtime network on  \"people whose lives had been destroyed by tabloids. Lipson also told Joyce  that  her service dog would die (it had been illegally taken to the pound) and put her under SEVERE DURESS to sign their contract, promising a lawyer to save it. Their scumbag lawyer did not show up for a stay of execution and her beloved service dog was brutally tortured and murdered at the pound.  She is an elderly heart patient,  partially blind, who has been through much and suffered for the Mormon sourced slander stories beyond belief.  She has also survived an amputation, a 33 year paparazzi nightmare,   cancer, a hurricane and near drowning in a flood,  and a rattlesnake bite.  She sure as Hell can survive lying assholes like you who print crap without checking out the facts.  But she can SUE you as well!    Don\'t you have any brains?  How can you print that a 112 pound woman raped a hulking 300 pound man who stands 6\'5\"  tall?  Are you STUPID?    As for the nuts in Morris film:  The midget pilot, was a crackpot,  an obnoxious man;  she did not hire him for anything,  she needed someone who could be dependable enough to get her and Kirk someplace safe and he was a slimey little weasel who made passes at her, which she rejected as she loved only Kirk.   This \"pilot\"  was not even in England at the time of Joyce and Kirk\'s three day adventure, and thus he was not anywhere near Joyce and Kirk,  he only read false tabloid news stories and then parroted them b...

And there it ends ...

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