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Futuristic cityscapes! Wartime melodrama! A remorseful scientist! Boxing! Gunfights! Stop-animated robot monster!!! From the team that brought us Lazer Ghosts 2 and Fireman comes, come and behold the teaser trailer for Steve Kostanski's upcoming feature MANBORG! (And yes, this isn't just a trailer parody!)

Typical of Astron-6, the pulpy tone expertly recaptures the genre fare of the late 80s and the technical artistry and art-direction is impeccable as usual; Kostanski, in particular, is a latter-day Rob Bottin when it comes to FX work and MANBORG is shaping up to feature some of his most impressive work to date.

With Vincenzo Natali's Splice getting a wide theatrical release and Jason Eisner's Hobo With A Shotgun in production, Canadian genre cinema is experiencing a much needed renaissance and the wonderfully deranged and insanely talented folks behind the filmmaking collective of Astron-6 are definitely part of the throng. 

Check out the rest of Astron-6's oeuvre here. They've also finally released the completed short feature Cool Guys - a hysterical perversion of the Weekend at Bernie's formula. 
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