Todd's Thoughts On FROM PARIS WITH LOVE.

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Todd's Thoughts On FROM PARIS WITH LOVE.
In a word, icky.  It's a buddy comedy with zero chemistry between the buddies in which one is saddled with an unconvincing accent and distracted John Waters moustache and nothing particularly interesting to do while the other overacts wildly while being obviously replaced by a stunt double every time he has to actually move. Pierre Morel did remarkable work with Taken, which makes this all the more disappointing ... it's like he forgot every lesson learned about character and subtlety in his previous film and replaced all that good stuff with trite cliches and lazy writing. I fear for Morel's take on Dune

From Paris With Love and Frozen - which I really, really like - are the subject of my weekly column over at Showcase.  You'll find my full thoughts here.
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