"House of the Dead 2"? My Head is Hurting Beyond Belief



I don't know why I'm pretending to be surprised to hear that Lions Gate Film's will begin shooting the sequel to "House of the Dead" this week in California. Actually, nothing in this industry surprises me anymore considering Jennifer Lopez still has a career and people didn't like "Casshern".

The only information that's being circulated right now is that Uwe Boll will not have anything to do with this film. I guess he's too busy trying to justify the first "House of the Dead" film to people that it was better or just as good as Resident Evil (as Todd has said many times, this man is INSANE).

Mike Hurst is the new eye behind the camera - couldn't find any information about this guy but Mark Altman, the original writer is back, so I can't say the new director is going to make any difference in this giant crap pile of a movie being made.

How's that to ruin your Tuesday morning eh?

Via Creature Corner.

*** UPDATE ***

Someone at one fo the writer's offices has just pointed out that the screenplay was written by Michael Roesch and Peter Scheerer. So there you have it.

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