Teaser Trailer For Rob Zombie's "The Devils Rejects"



Sure, his previous film - House of a 1000 Corpses - was about as kitsch as you could get yet Rob Zombie still succeeded in creating a fun 70's throwback bloody horror, no matter what crazy things Dave says about it.

This time, comic artist and musican Zombie is back with a sequel to "House" called "The Devils Rejects". It basically starts where "House" left off and turns into a gritty highway murder rampage. Most of the lead cast is back in this one (with the exception of Karen Black) with a few surprises (Rosario Dawson is listed in the cast, though, with no title). Will it be fun - watch the teaser trailer for "The Devils Rejects" yourself here and decide. Also, you can go and mess around on the offical "The Devils Rejects" website here.

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