October 26th 2004. Credit Card Gets A Bashing.



I don't know why, but the 26th seems to be one of those days thats only comes once a year : there's loads of stuff coming out - and for some reason loads of it suits me. Takashi Miike fans get "Young Thugs : Innocent Blood" and "Young Thugs : Nostalgia" (reviewed by Todd a while back, here) - as well as "Kintaro : White Collar Worker" (and on the 28th, ahem - "Andromedia").

Also released on the 26th : Ryuhei Kitamuras' "Alive" in both R-Rated and Uncut versions. Volume 1 of "Paranoia Agent" from Satoshi Kon is also there (seen it, got it early - superb). Also out is "Killing Machine" from the Sonny Chiba collection (superb pic quality on this Adness disc), and a Bill Hicks Live DVD with a painfully long title.

And, only a couple of days ago was "Zero Woman : Red Handcuff" and "Casshern". A painful time for the old CC.

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