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SMOKING CAUSES COUGHING Interview: Quentin Dupieux Reveals How He Comes Up With Crazy and Funny Ideas

Quentin Dupieux made his statement of principles with the opening monologue in Rubber, his notorious self-aware movie starring a tire that comes to life and then uses its telekinetic powers to kill animals and humans. Paraphrasing said speech, for Dupieux...

Review: SHIN ULTRAMAN, Bouncy Good Fun

Director Higuchi Shinji says: Silver giants are go!

Neuch√Ętel 2022 Review: SHIN ULTRAMAN, Old School Kaiju Meets New School Thinking

Writer Anno Hideaki and director Higuchi Shinji ('Shin Godzilla') team up again to reboot the venerable 60s television series for the modern day. It's a lot of fun.

Notes on Streaming: ULTRAMAN and TWILIGHT ZONE Return

Plus: Teasing Korean 'Persona.'