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Tallinn 2020 Review: THE PENULTIMATE, The Grotesque Comedy on the Absurdity of Human Condition

The Danish newcomer Jonas Kærup Hjort delivers a whimsical traumedy submerged in a variety of existentialist shades.

Preview: The Foreign Oscar Contenders Meet At Tallinn's Black Nights Film Festival

It used to be that the big late season festival stop was the Viennale in Austria, where the important titles of the year were collected in the exquisite programming. However, a festival wolf has started howling in Estonia and gets...

AnarchyVision: Jason Gorber Talks FROZEN, ARMSTRONG LIE, PHILOMENA And More

Back again this week after about 12 hours of travel, only managed to make a few stumbles that I'll directly attribute to jetlag. Still, got to gush about the people of Tallinn, Estonia that hosted me for the Black...