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Vancouver 2018 Review: Hosada Returns with the Mesmerizing MIRAI

Part Alice in Wonderland, part A Christmas Carol, Hosada's latest film is as charming and moving as his other works--and perhaps even more beautifully animated.

Fantastic Fest 2015 Review: THE BOY AND THE BEAST, Hosoda Mamoru's Best Film To Date

If The Boy And The Beast doesn't cast away any doubts that Hosoda Mamoru will become the new king of Japanese animation, I don't know what will. Ever since Miyazaki Hayao stopped making feature films, the world has been eagerly waiting to see...

Now on Blu-ray: THE WOLF CHILDREN, Hong Kong Release

(Kids: can't live with them, can't abandon them in the forest...) We are big fans of anime writer/director Hosoda Mamoru here and for a good reason. After the man left Studio Ghibli following a big row with Miyazaki Hayao over...