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Rotterdam 2020 Review: BEASTS CLAWING AT STRAWS, Crime Comedy of Bloody Errors, Voracious Greed

One bag of money ensures a battle royale in a dark crime comedy by Kim Yong-hoon.

New York Asian 2018 Interview: Director Jeon Go-woon and Actor Ahn Jae-hong Talk Love and Poverty in MICROHABITAT

Closing our New York Asian Film Festival 2018 coverage with the movie that won the Jury prize. Microhabitat tells a singular and excellently acted tale of a young Seoul woman being pushed out of society and off the grid by...

New York Asian 2018 Interview: HIT THE NIGHT Director Jeong Ga-young on Twisting Tropes and Gender Roles

With the rising tide of feminism in South Korea, the fearless, flawed, funny, and fully-realised women of director/writer/actress Jeong Ga-young’s films feel right on time.  At the New York Asian Film Festival with her second feature, Hit the Night, Jeong...