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NITRAM Interview: Director Justin Kurzel and Star Caleb Landry Jones on Their Port Arthur Mass Shooter Drama

Director Justin Kurzel’s new work, Nitram, adds to the cinema inspired by real mass shootings, with an approach to the life of the perpetrator of the shooting in Port Arthur, Australia, where 35 people were killed in April 1996. The...

TRUE HISTORY OF THE KELLY GANG Interview: Justin Kurzel on Returning to Australia, Exploring a Legendary Life

The director of 'Macbeth,' 'Assassin's Creed,' and 'Snowtown' talks about returning to his homeland and tackling a story that won't be for everybody.

SNOWTOWN's Justin Kurzel to Direct Michael Fassbender in MACBETH

Back in 2006 the director of Romper Stomper, Geoffrey Wright, directed a rising Sam Worthington in a contemporary retelling of Macbeth set in the ganglands of Melbourne. It was an interesting if flawed adaptation, certainly made more compelling by a...