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Watch THE SADNESS in Canadian Cinemas Before it Hits VOD, Two Nights Only!

The Sadness will have a two night theatrical run in Canada before heading to digital and streaming in May

THE SADNESS: Brutal Taiwanese Horror Acquired by Shudder

Shudder has acquired the brutal Taiwanese horror flick, The Sadness, and will begin streaming this May

NYAFF 2012 Review: HONEY PUPU, Too Sweet For Its Own Good

While Niels Matthijs called Chen Hung-I's film about the wired youth in contemporary Taipei the "best film of 2011" and in our NYAFF preview I cited it as a "must-see" of the fest, it is a film that will most...

HONEY PUPU (BEST OF 2011!) Review

Without a single doubt, without any form of competition, this is the best film of 2011. And while Honey PuPu can't claim absolute originality (pk.com.cn precedes it), it's still the most beautiful, unique and skillfully executed film I've seen in...