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Now Streaming: LUPIN, The Gentleman Thief Returns

Omar Sy stars in the crime-drama series, now streaming on Netflix.

Notes on Streaming: THE WOLF'S CALL (LE CHANT DU LOUP), Crackling French Submarine Thriller

t's the end of the world as we know it, and the French military must stop it.

Review: Michel Gondry's MOOD INDIGO Exhilarates, Exhausts

Michel Gondry is back. And he's going no holds barred.After slumming it as studio hired-gun and inner-city auteur (in 2011's The Green Hornet and 2012's The We and the I, respectively), the French director is back in small-batch surrealist mode with Mood Indigo (L'ecume...

First Whimsical Trailer for Michel Gondry's MOOD INDIGO

Michel Gondry has quite a varied filmography (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Green Hornet, The We and the I), but arguably his best works are the odd and whimsical films about love, how the human mind processes it...


Omar Sy walks with a swagger, even when he's sitting down. His broad, infectious smile reflects not only the character he plays in The Intouchables, but also the film itself. Recently returned home to a small apartment in Paris packed...