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Review: WE ARE LITTLE ZOMBIES, Far From This Sad World

Director Nagahisa Makoto's debut feature is a charming piece of pop-culture obsessed cinema.

WE ARE LITTLE ZOMBIES Confirms Theatrical Release Date

Good news for everyone who enjoys "pop-culture obsessed cinema": We Are Little Zombies now has a confirmed theatrical release date, in both virtual cinemas and live cinemas. (For the undead? How appropriate.) Our own J Hurtado reviewed the film out...

Feast on WE ARE LITTLE ZOMBIES New Trailer, Poster, Digital Coloring Book

"A charming piece of pop-culture obsessed cinema," according to our own J Hurtado, We Are Little Zombies burst out of the Sundance Film Festival last year and is now heading to theaters from Oscilloscope Laboratories. To celebrate, we have a...