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Friday One Sheet: INFINITY POOL

I rarely do character-style posters in this column; however, Mia Goth is having a moment, so here we are. Design house AVPrint did a series of posters for Brandon Cronenberg's Infinity Pool, in ultra-tight closeup with a very high grain. This one,...

VIVARIUM Interview: Director Lorcan Finnegan On His Thought-Provoking Sci-Fi Horror Allegory Of Suburban Life Monotony

In Lorcan Finnegan’s Vivarium, which world premiered at last year’s Critics’ Week (parallel section of the Cannes Film Festival), a young couple is looking forward to take the next step in their relationship: get their own home. Guided by an...

TWIN PEAKS and The Point Of No Return

Our resident Peaks expert, Zach Gayne, gives an in-depth and exhaustive look at the themes and spirituality of the entire Twin Peaks universe.