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Now Streaming: STARGIRL Captures Real Magic on Screen

The newest film from director Julia Hart ('Fast Color'), now streaming on Disney+, surges with light and empathy.

PAINLESS Trailer: Jordan Horowitz Considers Pain vs. Suffering in New Thriller

Painless is a new thriller from the mind of Jordan Horowitz (Angel of Nanjing). The film follows a man named Henry Long who has a rare condition - congenital analgesia - and cannot feel pain, but can still feel strong...

Review: ANGEL OF NANJING, A Portrait Of Urban Loneliness

Like Japan's Aokigahara (aka "Forest of Death,") and San Francisco's Golden Gate, Nanjing's Yangtze River Bridge is famous for being the site of a disproportionate number of suicides each year. Chen Si is a man who has taken it upon...