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Rotterdam 2020 Interview: Fest Director Bero Beyer Talks Indie Cinema in the Age of Streamers

"It´s a rigged game," IFFR director says, on the situation of independent cinema in the era of constant transformations.

Rotterdam 2019 Interview: Fest Director Bero Beyer Talks Independent Cinema and IFFR

IFFR director Bero Beyer talks about the mercurial landscape of contemporary independent cinema.

Crowdfund This: Russian Visionary Filmmaker Aleksey Fedorchenko's Latest, ANNA'S WAR

Aleksey Fedorchenko seeks to raise funds for the finishing touches on his latest project Anna´s War before the kick-of of the International Film Festival Rotterdam

New York Asian 2016 Interview: TEN YEARS Creators on Running Afoul of Mainland Chinese Government and Future of Hong Kong

The mainland Chinese government labelled Ten Years a “virus of the mind” and accused its creators of “spreading anxiety.”  After the film, a collection of shorts pondering Hong Kong’s future, was nominated for Best Picture by the Hong Kong Film...

DVD Review: OLD GOATS, Still Butting Heads On Life, Love, And Friendship

An antidote to the steady stream of movies about aimless twenty-somethings, Old Goats revolves around a trio of older gentlemen dealing with issues that never go away: the fear of commitment and intimacy, the yearning for an adventurous life, and...

Third Window Films Bring The Best Independent Japanese Cinema To Raindance 2013

The 21st Raindance Film Festival, one of the largest independent film festivals in the world, is starting in just a couple of days' time. This year's Festival will be having a special focus on Japanese independent cinema with a strand...