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THELMA Review: June Squibb, New Action Hero

June Squibb, Fred Hechinger, Richard Roundtree, Parker Posey and Clark Gregg star in Josh Margolin's sparkling comedy.

Toronto 2023 Review: HELL OF A SUMMER Lacks the Necessary Bite

Long a favoured location for slasher films, summer camp provides plenty of proverbial fodder for a serial killer's cannon: plenty of nubile, horny, often unaware bodies in an isolated place, waiting to be, well, slashed by whatever preferred method. It...

Review: THE PALE BLUE EYE, Flaccid Adaptation Will Disappoint Edgar Allan Poe Fans

Christian Bale stars in a new mystery-thriller by director Scott Cooper.

Review: FEAR STREET 1994, The Trilogy Begins on a High and Heart-Pounding Note

Shadyside has always been, well, Shady, Since the late 17th century, the town has never managed to become anything other than the place everyone wants to leave: insubstantial employment, high crime, little hope for the youth. Certainly in comparison with...