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Now on Home Video: MEMOIR OF WAR and THE CAPTAIN Capture True Horrors

Two filmmakers bring very different visions of World War II to the table.

Review: MEMOIR OF WAR, a Harrowing Tale of Absence and Shame

Skillfully directed and beautifully acted, Memoir of War retains much of Duras' enigmatic, complex human tendencies during war time. Like her other works, it draws from her experiences and amplifies/embelishes many of her major themes - desires, suffering, shame, survivor's guilt, memories....

Interview: Emmanuel Finkiel on Adapting Marguerite Duras' Semi-Autobiographical Work in MEMOIR OF WAR

It's a big challenge to adapt a book by one of the literary giants, Margeurite Duras. Known for her enigmatic, erotically charged, fiercely political writings and films, Duras was one of the key figures in the most significant French literary...