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Now Streaming: NOS4A2 Begins Again, SWAMP THING Rages in Darkness

On streaming services, no one can hear you scream.

Notes on Streaming: Say Goodbye, SWAMP THING

The DC Universe streaming service will never be the same without you, big guy.

Notes on Streaming: DOOM PATROL Intrigues, THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Exhausts

Plus: Doc series 'Lorena' tells a strange, true story, filled with conflicts.

Affleck Tweet Teases New BATMAN Villain

After the new Justice League film Ben Affleck will suit up for the next Batman flick and also direct. Today via his Twitter account he teased what is likely the next villain the Caped Crusader will face.    [https://twitter.com/BenAffleck/status/770259217940746245]  ...

Doug Liman Attached to Direct DC's DARK UNIVERSE

Yesterday, Variety brought word that Doug Liman is coming on board one of DC's next films, Dark Universe.  Yep, the director of 2014's biggest 'Why is no one going to see this movie, it's sooo good?!?' film Edge of Tomorrow is...