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70s Rewind: THE BEAST MUST DIE, Declares Calvin Lockhart

Calvin Lockhart, Marlene Clark and Peter Cushing star in a British horror film from Amicus Productions and director Paul Annett.

Blu-ray Review: THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD Pours on Nostalgia

Like Hammer Films (most affectionately known as Hammer Horror), Amicus Productions was based in England and among other genres, specialized in gothic horror films with plenty of atmosphere and excellent ensemble casts. These movies have a palpable feel and flavor,...

70s Rewind: FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE, In Praise Of Modest Frights

As a huge fan of 1970s cinema, it's always tempting to overpraise modestly entertaining movies. For comparison's sake to another decade, witness last week's effusive nostalgia for 1985's Back to the Future II, surely one of the most ghastly, sour...