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Sundance 2020 Review: SAVE YOURSELVES! Delivers a Fresh Spin on the Sci-Fi Rom-Com

Sunita Mani and John Reynolds star in a delightful alien-invasion movie from filmmakers Alex Huston Fischer and Eleanor Wilson.

Review: INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE Should Have Stayed Dead

The first movie I remember renting was Independence Day, and during the 48 hours I had it, I probably watched it six or seven times. For a young kid, the charisma of its leads, the iconic imagery of its set...

Review: HOME, Awfully Sugary But Not Sweet

Home depicts nothing less than the most kid friendly alien invasion even committed to the screen. Back-burnering any trauma and horror of the human internment camps that it depicts (both off-world and in Australia), Home showcases an eye-poppingly wacky planetary occupation...